Specna Arms meets the expectations of clients by presenting the CORE ™ line of products - an exceptional series of replicas that introduces a new quality to the market. Innovative spring change system as well as high-quality materials make this replica suitable for beginners and seasoned airsoft players alike.


The CYMA CM 031C Full Metal AKS 101 is an excellent reproduction of its authentic counterpart. This A. E. G. comes standard full metal with a metal receiver, receiver cover, side folding stock, and barrel assembly. The compact size and a 400 round high capacity magazine make this gun a powerhouse in woodland and desert situation. 


The replica has three metal Picatinny rail allowing mounting of tactical accessories (optics, flashlights, laser sights). The mechanism is a dedicated metal gearbox v.6 with steel-sliding bearings 6mm, cylinder type 1, reinforced piston with aluminum sleeve, reinforced nylon piston head and cylinder head and steel gears cooperating with a spring 120 m/s which gives about 400 FPS.

JG0538 subcarbine

The replica is a continuation of one of the best replicas of this manufacturer – the JG0608 which is a legend in the airsoft society. The replica, just like the real firearm, is made mostly of light and durable plastic.

Annex MI-3 Field Thermal

Annex MI-3 is a light mask made of polyethylene by a process of injection molding. This provides high elasticity and resistance to damage. The mask features a lens fast change function that allows adapting the mask to current weather conditions without having to possess a separate mask.   

Tactical vest Law Enforcement V.2

With numerous pockets, the tactical vest gives you great storage capacity, meeting your all kinds of needs.Adjustable side straps design allows you to adjust it according to your needs.With mesh design, more ventilative. Equipped with a zipper, easy to use and wear.

Tactical gloves

Protect hands from abrasions and splinters.